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NetGram Products and Services

NetGram is the world's leader in Internet-based hybrid mail services and tools. Our E-mail Bridge gives businesses a powerful way to improve all aspects of the hard copy document delivery lifecycle, from creation, production, delivery and archival. The following explanation of features explains how...

For You: For Your Contacts: Sending Options:
-Activity Section
-Custom Stationery
-Default Stationery
-Letter Preview
-EZ Tutorial
-Sub Accounts
-Address Book
-Address Correction
-Downloading Address Books
-Recipient Notification
-Uploading Address Books
-Dynamic Addressing
-EZ Addressing
-Postal Letters By Email
-Postal Letters By WebMail
-Secure Sending

If you have any questions or comments about any of the products of services available, or would like to make a suggestion, please let us know.