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NetGram's Privacy Policy

NetGram's Privacy Policy - An Overview

Your privacy is critically important to NetGram Incorporated. NetGram's business is to provide simultaneous e-mail and printed mail communications. Accordingly, our policy was designed to provide the same maximum privacy and confidentiality that underlies the rationale that makes tampering with United States postal mail a felony. We are strongly committed to providing a secure arrangement to all subscribers of NetGram.

Our privacy policy applies only to the NetGram site, and not to other companies' Web sites to which we now or in the future link. The purpose of our policy is to inform you how we use any information we may gather about our subscribers, whether we disclose it to anyone, and the choices you have regarding such usage. We also want to disclose how we protect credit card transactions.

Information About You

When a business or individual becomes a subscriber to the E-Mail Bridge, they are asked to provide a User Name, Password, and E-Mail Address so we may provide our service to you. At no time will NetGram release or sell this information to any third parties. The subscriber, by choosing a User Name and Password, gains access to NetGram's private Address Book and other account information.

Information About Your NetGram Contacts

NetGram maintains a private Address Book that lists your recipient contact information. You access this Address Book by using your UserName and Password. If someone else knows your UserName and Password, they can access, modify, or delete the information in this Address Book.

NetGram will never use your Address Book to contact your recipients. If NetGram does contact one of your recipients, the contact information for that recipient will have been obtained from some other means, like a direct mail list, or other input.

Credit Card Transactions

At NetGram, we send your documents to postal mail contacts from your initial e-mail message. As a result, we will require that either at the time of subscribing or upon e-mail notice to you shortly after your usage has been initiated, that you establish a postage balance at NetGram for current and future charges. These amounts are inclusive of postage charges we incur from the United States Postal Service, or other postal agencies.

NetGram collects a minimum $2.00 (US) deposit for postage. You may select any amount greater than $2.00. We collect this deposit amount, and record it in your account so that we may economically fulfill printing and delivery costs, without excessive credit card transaction costs, and reduce the inconvenience to you of having to provide payment information for every message.

We will charge the total cost to produce and mail your printed letter(s) to your credit card. The credit card information, like the personal information which is provided to us, is confidentially maintained in our data base. Credit card transactions are processed by the credit card division of Bank of America which has confidentiality of transactions covered by their privacy policy. A professional payment authorization service was chosen by NetGram for added security. Bank of America's service offers secure encrypted credit card transactions for thousands of companies and has security measures in place that cannot be duplicated by smaller sites. Information collected during transactions is maintained in their database for accounting and billing purposes. Information from these transactions is not released to third parties by NetGram.

At time of payment, you may optionally choose to allow NetGram to keep your credit card on file, and let us charge your account when your balance falls below 0. If this is the case, your card number is encrypted, and only appears decrypted in computer memory when it is time to make additional charges.

Cookie Usage

NetGram uses "temporary cookies" to track your place in the NetGram web site. When your session is completed at NetGram, the cookie is deleted. For purposes of improving the usability of our site, we may analyze page views from your visits.

Cookies are not currently used to track your usage of any other sites, and your page view information is not released to any third parties.

NetGram Incorporated Private Policy Changes

The restrictions on the dissemination of personal information are not subject to change, except in response to applicable International, Federal or State laws. If NetGram modifies or updates our privacy policy, we will post those changes here, and attempt to notify you about the changes.


NetGram Incorporated is a member of the TRUSTe program. This above statement discloses the privacy practices for NetGram. You can review more about their program here.

TRUSTe is an independent, non-profit initiative whose mission is to build users' trust and confidence in the Internet by promoting the principles of disclosure and informed consent. Because NetGram wants to demonstrate its commitment to your privacy, it has agreed to disclose its information policies and have its privacy practices reviewed and audited for compliance by TRUSTe. When you visit a Web site displaying the TRUSTe mark, you can expect to be notified of:

  1. What information is gathered
  2. How the information is used
  3. With whom is the information shared

Questions regarding the above policy should be directed to NetGram Incorporated, or TRUSTe for clarification.