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The Company

NetGram Inc. is the leader in providing simultaneous on-line and off-line communications, using E-mail and the NetGram E-mail Bridge(tm) as the vehicle for initial creation and transmission. The NetGram platform provides a simple, unifying messaging solution, for both business and personal applications, which helps unite and streamline the complex task of communicating in a world of multiple communication channels. NetGram offers industry expertise in integrating e-mail infrastructure and technology with traditional (printed) communication methods to deliver worldwide communications with Internet speed, e-mail efficiency and traditional mail impact.


NetGram received a U.S. Patent for the E-mail Bridge(tm) in the fall 1998. Following the patent assignment the development team designed and perfected the company's core technology platform. The E-mail Bridge system was then tested on a national and international level and in the summer of 2000 NetGram formally opened its office in Cardiff by the Sea, the picturesque community in north San Diego County, California.

The Problem We Solve

Businesses of all types and sizes are searching for ways to harness and utilize the power of the Internet to reduce costs, increase the delivery speed of communications and generate profitable e-commerce. E-mail, and especially permission based e-mail supported with strong customer relationship management (CRM) systems and services, promises to deliver on these business goals.

However, it has become clear to many e-mail advocates that strictly on-line communications is not the solution to these challenges. Today's businesses and individuals have learned that e-mail only services the on-line population and therefore does not address the equally important off-line population. Additionally, the proliferation of e-mail messages into any particular inbox has increased so significantly that many e-mail messages are never read. And, despite the promise of e-mail reducing communication costs, some businesses have found it costs more to acquire and maintain an on-line customer than through traditional off-line methods. NetGram recognizes today's world is neither on-line nor off-line, but in fact, a hybrid of the two. The E-mail Bridge allows businesses and individuals to maximize the efficiencies of e-mail and at the same time optimize the equally important capabilities of traditional printed mail. NetGram Users can quickly communicate with both electronic and traditional mail contacts, or send one communication simultaneously via e-mail and printed mail, when a greater assurance of information receipt is necessary. Additionally, the NetGram platform allows businesses to focus on core functions versus diverting important resources to handle administrative and operational activities involved with managing multiple (on-line and off-line) programs.

Innovative Solution

The NetGram E-mail Bridge is a simple and cost efficient solution for the electronic creation, transmission and management of printed documents, literature and correspondence typically directed through multiple vendors and channels.

The patented system accepts alias e-mail addresses that are directly linked to a traditional postal address, thereby allowing NetGram E-mail Bridge Users the unique ability to send on-demand printed communications using e-mail. This powerful conversion of e-mail to traditional mail seamlessly connects on-line and off-line customers, clients and associates, to receive on-demand marketing and sales literature, important notices and announcements, information regarding special programs and incentives, as well as general business and personal correspondence. Similar to conventional e-mail, the E-mail Bridge clusters specific contacts into one or more groups. However, distinct to the NetGram system, these groups can consist of both on-line and off-line contacts, providing 100% coverage and access to important contacts. NetGram's advancement of existing e-mail technology and infrastructure directs the use of e-mail to a new level, and provides to businesses and individuals, a new and more efficient communication method.

Client Focus

Businesses, small, medium and large are able to adopt the E-mail Bridge immediately because it is based upon conventional e-mail and World Wide Web technology. NetGram clients are supported with tools they are already familiar with, thereby making the platform easy to implement for immediate savings in time and improvements in communication workflow. The NetGram platform transmits information and communications in a cyclical flow, starting from an e-mail transmission to a printed document or letter. Once a contact receives the printed communication, NetGram is now also able to help convert this expensive paper mail recipient to a cost effective e-mail recipient. This cyclical flow also provides a powerful tool for direct marketers to converge separate e-mail and printed mail databases into a singular database for greater ease of management. The E-mail Bridge is customizable, and configurable for applications in varied environments including financial, high tech, e-retail, e-services, Internet service providers (ISP), consumer, energy, travel, traditional retail, and medical businesses.